KAI is a decentralized ecosystem offering

KAI aims to democratize financial tools previously only available to institutions to the masses. KAI protocol is the first to tokenize fixed interest lending similar to that of Zero Coupon Bond.



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Key Features

kai defi protocol

KAI DeFi Protocol

KAI DeFi Protocol features three cornerstone products that makes it an ecosystem. The KAI Contract Token, KAI Utility Protocol Token and KAI Native Token. Each of these tokens serves a specific function acting as a different financial instrument providing arbitrage, market making opportunities and maintaining healthy liquidity - mitigating the risk of slippage.

kai exchange

KAI Decentralized Exchange

KAI exchange offers derivatives, spot and contracting trading without holding our user's funds. Providing a safe and secure trading environment. This is furthered bolstered by a trading engine that is both robust and its ability to handle high throughput minimizing hiccups.

kai utility tokens

KAI Utility Tokens

KAI Token - KAI’s governance token is a distributed protocol token for its users to vote on policy, measures and future implementation on the protocol. This allows users to decide on which projects and protocols that KAI should work with. The token has an intrinsic value derived from the other KAI token below.

Protocol Utility Token - This token allows users to trade at a discount and earn higher maker rebates in KAI exchange. It can also be used to trade for other crypto currency pairs that KAI protocol supports. Support of this pair is determined by the KAI governance token above. This token essentially derives its value from its utility in KAI protocol and will be distributed out for free as an incentive for our fixed, variable and borrowing protocol.

Contract Token - Our Contract Token acts similar to that of a fixed deposit however unique to our protocol. Each Contract Token is valued at 100 USD or 100 DAI upon entering the contract however the settlement is based on the interest yield promised by the protocol and will be reimbursed in the form of DAI or USD during maturity. This in turn acts very similar to a zero coupon bond with the exception that it affords our users the flexibility to trade it on KAI exchange should our users intend to sell it. Allowing other users buy them and benefit from maturity.